about us. 


Books have the power to change lives. 

This is the driving force at Cultured Books, where we strive to build a literary haven for families to come together and discover new worlds, different cultures, and great children's literature.

Hi! I’m Lorielle J. Hollaway, founder of Cultured Books and proud St. Pete native. I grew up making memories with books like Peter’s Chair by Ezra Keats and anything Dr. Seuss. My love of reading has continued to grow over the years. As a mom of two girls, former AmeriCorp volunteer, and reading program coordinator, the importance of building memories through books is personal to me. Afterall, books don’t just change mindsets—they empower children to go farther, and to see more. 

Our unique structure, at Cultured Books, strives to incorporate reading, the arts, community health, culture and language skills. We’re so excited to be joining Historic 22nd Street, a slice of town with a rich cultural history; one that includes legendary performers, like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Buster Cooper. 

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