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The Book Report Project

• The Book Report Project is an ongoing initiative led by Cultured Books & Music, LLC that will allow youth in Pinellas and surrounding counties to purchase books with an alternative currency, a book report. 

The Book Report Project wouldn't exist without our community. We plan to accept book reports as a standing form of currency at Cultured Books. In order to do this we need to show the impact it has on elevating literacy rates. 

• We are seeking funding to hire a researcher. Our dream researcher would be one who identifies as BIPOC, has an understanding of Critical Race Theory as it relates to education + literacy and loves humidity.:)

• Pilot program began May 2020.

Donate to our campaign here: https://ifundwomen.com/projects/book-report-project

If you would like more information on how to get involved with The Book Report Project contact us at: stpetereads@culturedbooks.com.

Peace, Love + Books!

Lorielle J. Hollaway
Cultured Books

Cultured Books